Phoebe Tonkin for Into The Goss “Fake Your Piercings” 2014

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girls dont want you to be nice to them because they’re girls they want you to be nice to them because they’re human beings and you should be nice to everyone wtf is wrong with you

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people who can’t handle all black outfits are weak

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Oh, when you look at me like that, my darling
What did you expect?
I’d probably still adore you with your hands around my neck
Or I did last time I checked

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eyebrow game strong? more like eyeBAG game strong. i’m fucking exhausted. haha lol

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The 1975, 9th January ‘14. Brixton.


you know when you try to keep yourself from sounding disappointed and then your voice does the wobbly thing and fuCK

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you’re lying if you say you’ve never recorded yourself singing because you were sure you had talent and were so deeply disappointed that you just deleted the recording and pretended it never happened 

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